Unique experiences in a unique B&B

Midweek package

Relax and enjoy the midweek

Note: This package is not valid during the school holidays and extended weekends.

pay 2 nights and get the 3rd night at half price

During a stay of 3 nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
  • Standard room: € 247 instead of € 297
  • Mijnheer Etienne – 2 guests: € 325 instead of € 390
  • Mijnheer Etienne – 3 guests: € 425 instead of € 510
  • Mijnheer Etienne – 4 guests: € 525 instead of € 630
  • Mevrouw Suzanne – 2 guests: € 300 instead of € 360
  • Mevrouw Suzanne – 3 guests: € 400 instead of € 480
  • Mevrouw Suzanne – 4 guests: € 500 instead of € 600

pay 3 nights and get the 4th night at half price

During a stay of 4 nights on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
  • Standard room: € 315 instead of € 360
  • Mijnheer Etienne – 2 guests: € 420 instead of € 480
  • Mijnheer Etienne – 3 guests: € 560 instead of € 640
  • Mijnheer Etienne – 4 guests: € 700 instead of € 800
  • Mevrouw Suzanne – 2 guests: € 385 instead of € 440
  • Mevrouw Suzanne – 3 guests: € 525 instead of € 600
  • Mevrouw Suzanne – 4 guests: € 665 instead of € 760

Culinary Package

Relish the experience.
  • Reception with a drink and a special treat
  • 2 nights for 2 people with an extensive breakfast
  • a bottle of cava
  • we make a reservation at one of our recommended restaurants, the menu (and bill) is up to you
  • we offer one cheese platter (2 guests) or an extended appetizer platter (4 guests) for the other night
Price when staying in:
  • A standard room: € 125 per guest
  • Mijnheer Etienne: € 155 per guest
  • Mevrouw Suzanne: € 145 per guest

Please reserve this package at least 2 days in advance.

Luxury Package

Simply extraordinary.
  • 2 nights for 2 people with an extensive breakfast
  • a bottle of cava

Price when staying in:

  • A standard room: € 105 per guest
  • Mijnheer Etienne: € 135 per guest
  • Mevrouw Suzanne: € 125 per guest


Whether for a short trip or long period: in "Allegambe’s Goed" an overnight stay is more than a room with breakfast. After a busy day at work, we want our guests to fully unwind in our B&B and serve them according to their wishes. Even when on a business trip or during a professional visit you want to feel welcome and at home.

Ask about our special rates for longer stays.

Holiday home

Traveling with family or friends?

This is perfectly possible in ‘Allegambe’s Goed’.
Our 8 rooms can accommodate up to 20 people, including a minimum of 10 adults. All rooms have towels and beds made. The bath linen can be changed daily.

You can make full use of the breakfast room, our relaxation room and the fully equipped kitchen with oven, combi oven, induction hob, dishwasher, freezer and pantry. The coffee maker is standing by with coffee filters.

You are free to enjoy any drinks or food while staying with us.

In our garden you can enjoy the tranquility. A game of petanque is also possible. Even when the weather is less than ideal, we have a billiard table and various board games.

The holiday home is only available on:

  • weekends, starting Friday evening 5 pm to Monday morning 11 am
  • a midweek, starting Monday evening 5 pm to Friday morning 11 am

A weekend costs 1600 euros, a midweek 1500 euros.
In addition, a resort fee (= cleaning, water, electricity, tourist tax, ...) of 200 euros is added.

During the stay the dishes are done by the guests and the waste sorted.
After the stay we ask you to change the bed linen, collect the bath linen in the laundry basket and put everything back in place. All areas should be sweeped clean.

If you would like more information: contact Allegambe’s Goed and make an appointment. You're welcome!


We do not see ourselves as a banquet hall and we deliberately limit the number of parties per year (not during school holidays and extended weekends). But for people looking for a unique location in rural tranquility and completely privacy, Allegambe’s Goed is the ideal place.

Companies are also welcome for their corporate events: team meeting, team day, family day, staff party, New Year's reception ...

If you would like more information: contact Allegambe’s Good and make an appointment.